Grandmothers Can Be Over-Connected

There are many benefits of being connected to the internet and social media. Intellectual stimulation with access to the world and to a sea of information on a variety of topics. The ability to keep in touch with friends and family on Facebook and be reminded of their birthdays.( I like the reminders because I am not good about remembering birth dates.) I really like the ability to do online shopping for myself and others. It is great to be able to order wedding, birthday, and holiday gifts and have them shipped to the recipients. I can go online to buy books or reserve them at the library. The internet and social media keeps me connected to the world and decreases isolation.The downside is it can be a big distraction and eat up a huge chunk of my time. It can keep me sitting in front of my computer for hours. Posting blogs, getting responses, reading other blogs, liking and commenting on them, checking out followers, researching information and images for my writing…it can go on and on.  I go clicking around from email, Digital news, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress in an ever growing spiral. I know there are apps that can track the time I spend on the internet but I think I already know it is too much time. Now don’t think I never go out of the house. But as I have decided to decrease the time I spend tutoring and stopped volunteering, in part so I have more flexibility to be available for my grandson, I realize I need to plan for other daytime activities that will draw me out of the house.

Do you think you spend way too much time with your computer or cell phone? Have you found ways to limit the time you spend connected?

Featured Image of Anny Ahlers and her computer via Wikimedia.