Distancing From My Grandchild

It is not always as easy as we would like to have time with our grandchildren. My little grandson, who was born premature, spent his early months in NICU where visits were limited to protect him and other children from infection during the flu season and just because he was fragile. After he went home, there were many professionals coming in and out and Nurses in the home. So a little Premie has a full social schedule already. Grandparents have to be patient and wait for the best times to visit. It has been easier as he has gotten older. He has been growing and getting stronger. He is walking and recently started preschool. Now something completely out of our control has happened, the Caronavirus epidemic.

My husband and I realize we need to stay away from our grandson because we do not want to inadvertently bring infection to him even though we have no symptoms. It is hard knowing we can’t see him as freely right now but we know it is the right thing to do. A good way to visit is through Skype or Zoom. We are able to see and hear our grandson and his parents, our son and daughter-in-law. I use my computer but you can use your cell phone as well.