Grandparent Buddy


“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know dear how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

This would be the best job, “Baby Buddy.” Needed some good news after all the terrible news lately, and this was just the ticket. I got to spend some time with my little baby buddy Grandson Gavin recently, and that is always so special. ❤



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Early Bird Catches The Baby Smiling

I gave birth to my second blog,Grandmotherly.blog, in June of this year. I decided I wanted a second blog to write about my experiences as a new grandmother. Today’s prompt words fit in well with this blog so I wanted to write my post here. I haven’t written very much about being a grandmother for a bit. My grandson came home about 3 weeks ago from the NICU. He was born very early and had to stay in the hospital until he was big and strong enough. He’s been a fighter from his birth until now, through ups and downs. Things have been hectic at his house as he and his parents have been getting used to the new routine. My daughter in law told me it would be better if I visited him in the mornings when he is most energetic and happy. So today I went over about mid-morning and got to see him in action. He is very active and is making good eye contact and returning smiles. It was hard to get a picture because when he sees the phone pointing at him he won’t always smile, and then his arms and legs are in motion so much the picture can be blurry.  It is so great to see him with so much energy. I find it is different being a grandmother compared to being a mother. I have the joy of holding him and playing with him and not so much stress as when I was a new mother.

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Visits With Baby

I had a chance to spend more time with my grandson recently. I am happy to report he is doing well and becoming much more aware of his surroundings and the people in it. He is active in moving all extremities and likes to grab for his mobile hanging over the side of his crib. I know he doesn’t recognize me yet but look forward to the day when he does and is happy to see me.

He is still in the NICU but plans are being put in place for him to come home. All these months it has been like we lived in cities far away from each other because he was restricted many times from having visitors, especially during the winter flu season.  I would get texts, photos, videos, and occasional calls from his parents to tell me about his progress. So when I visit I feel like the out of town relative. He looks at me with his big eyes as if to say, “Who are you?”

Featured image of ‘baby holding hand’ via Pixabay.com


Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

I have been thinking a bit about what the future will be like for my grandson. Will he be traveling to the moon or other planets likes Mars. I have read NASA predictions that humans will be orbiting Mars by 2030.  That is in thirteen years and not a long time from now. Stephen Hawking is saying we must move off of Earth within the next 200-500 years to ensure human survival and start a colony on the moon within the next 30 years. He says it is likely we will outgrow our planet and run out of resources and that there is a probability of an asteroid impact or the negative effects of global climate change will cause our destruction.  It is alarming and makes me sad to think that someday our life on Earth may be only a memory. I hope he is wrong and that we find ways to turn things around. This makes it even more precious to share with my grandson all the things I find so beautiful here on Earth. Even though the future may be unrecognizable to me, some things will last throughout time. Like the love of parents for their children and grandparents for their grandchildren.

Featured image of Mars exploration via NASA.


Grandmothers Can Be Over-Connected

There are many benefits of being connected to the internet and social media. Intellectual stimulation with access to the world and to a sea of information on a variety of topics. The ability to keep in touch with friends and family on Facebook and be reminded of their birthdays.( I like the reminders because I am not good about remembering birth dates.) I really like the ability to do online shopping for myself and others. It is great to be able to order wedding, birthday, and holiday gifts and have them shipped to the recipients. I can go online to buy books or reserve them at the library. The internet and social media keeps me connected to the world and decreases isolation.The downside is it can be a big distraction and eat up a huge chunk of my time. It can keep me sitting in front of my computer for hours. Posting blogs, getting responses, reading other blogs, liking and commenting on them, checking out followers, researching information and images for my writing…it can go on and on.  I go clicking around from email, Digital news, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress in an ever growing spiral. I know there are apps that can track the time I spend on the internet but I think I already know it is too much time. Now don’t think I never go out of the house. But as I have decided to decrease the time I spend tutoring and stopped volunteering, in part so I have more flexibility to be available for my grandson, I realize I need to plan for other daytime activities that will draw me out of the house.

Do you think you spend way too much time with your computer or cell phone? Have you found ways to limit the time you spend connected?

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