Getting To Know My Grandson

I started this blog thinking I would have lots to talk about but soon realized that I did not want to share my grandchild’s life with everyone.  I want to be sensitive to privacy. So I will try to write about grandmothers and grandchildren in general. It is a different relationship, more distant than mother. I think my grandson thinks of me as a friendly visitor who knows a lot of his favorite songs, but sings them a bit off-key.


‘Grandma’s Favorite’ by Georgios Jakobides (1853–1932)

The image of grandmother has changed. Grandmothers nowadays look younger.


Mèmè with Gavin

Or maybe not.  😉

4 thoughts on “Getting To Know My Grandson

  1. Not only do they look younger their gkids keep them looking younger….exhausting at times but the grandmothers I know wouldn’t have it any other way. Wonderful to hear he is doing well, as are you and don’t worry it will be years before he realises how ‘off key’ you might be….

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  2. I am a grandmother to twenty five grandchildren and I like to think that I still look fairly young. I am active and busy all the time. I also have four great grandchildren. My family is a great blessing.
    Please write some more . It’s over a year since this post. Lots must have happened in that time.

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    • Hi Marian,
      I know it has been quite a while since I wrote on this blog. I have been weighing the privacy of my grandson and my posting. You are an experienced grandmother with all your grandchildren and great-grandchildren and it is great you are active. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. 🙂


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